Hello December!

Hi all, December is here with its limited light, cold, windy, rainy days and I am huddled over my screen typing this. I’m new to blogging about my art work but I thought I'd have a chat today!

This month has been very busy so far with group exhibitions, Christmas/winter shows, craft fairs etc. Combined with social activities and Christmas present shopping, it makes us all tired and perhaps a little grumpy! Well, this site is full of serene, un-populated seascapes where you, the viewer can escape the hustle and bustle. I go there too! It helps me to appreciate what I've got, the people in my life and the beauty of my environment.

My prices range from £50 for small paperworks, £18 for mugs, £5 Christmas decorations up to £1000 for the large wall hangings. Most of the smaller seascapes are from £125 up to £400.

Enjoy browsing the website and please contact me for further details.

Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Winter Solstice and remember to take that ‘me time’ to rest and restore your life.


Marie-Therese Davis