En Plein Aire Art Sessions in Bangor Walled Garden May 2019

Creativity is Good for You

Well, it would seem that we've been right all along! Being creative and getting creative is good for you. Some of us have known that for a long time but scientists have finally started to agree with us.

As it's now May and supposedly springtime (or is it summertime?), I think it's time for you to explore your creative side by doing a bit of painting and drawing in nature. Our location will be the stunning Bangor Walled Garden which is situated in Castle Park (opposite Bangor Aurora Leisure Complex where you can park). A serene space enclosed by historic red brick walls, the Walled Garden also has a small café and WCs. It is wheelchair friendly.

The sessions will be informal but I will be there to offer advice where needed…if you're a total beginner we can start at the beginning. Bring your own materials please. If you're not sure what you need, have a look at the lists attached to my website.

Essentials: Paper (sketchbooks come in lots of sizes and paper thickness- A4 size is a good start)

Pencils: 2B -6B (please don't use an HB unless you want to do architectural drawings)

If you want to paint there are beginners sets : Watercolours- if you like delicate colours. Watercolour sketchbooks have thicker, more robust, water absorbent paper.

Acrylics: can be applied thickly and or thinly…dilute with water. You'll need acrylic sketchbooks or canvases (canvas covered panels are also suitable).

Oils: Can be applied thickly or in thinner layers. Oil paints need to be thinned using paint thinners such as white spirit or turpentine. Eco Friendly versions are recommended for this location as we do not want to harm the natural environment.

You'll need rag or kitchen paper to clean your brushes and containers for your water/turps.

Mixing Palette: any flat wipeable surface for mixing your colours.

Lots of art shops in Belfast e.g Bradbury Art Store Callendar Street , Art & Home Holywood, The Works Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Easons Main Street Bangor and online too.

Don't forget your own chair or rug. If it rains, we can hide under the bandstand or in the Coffee Cure @the walled garden café.

Email me or message me via my Facebook page Marie-Therese Davis Art to register attendance. Pay on the day.

April Showers 🌬

Well, as usual the weather in Northern Ireland is doing its thing…i.e. the start of April this year means that winter has returned! Today, sitting in my studio, I see the white horses racing up Belfast Lough as the hailstones bounce off the nearby roof tops. Nature at its best, howling northerly wind chilling pedestrians to the bone while I am warm and snug in my workspace! 🌬🌊🎨

March 2019

Well, British Springtime has arrived and as usual the weather is a mixed bag of rain, strong winds, choppy seas and winter sunshine! It makes our sea swims exciting though because we never know what the conditions will be like until we arrive there each day.

As you’ve probably guessed from my 2018 work, the sea plays an important part in my life…when you swim in it every day, you learn to have a healthy respect for it! My swim buddies are as mad as me so we have good fun with lots of laughter. It sets us up for the day.

More projects in the pipeline so watch this space…

Hello December!

Hi all, December is here with its limited light, cold, windy, rainy days and I am huddled over my screen typing this. I’m new to blogging about my art work but I thought I'd have a chat today!

This month has been very busy so far with group exhibitions, Christmas/winter shows, craft fairs etc. Combined with social activities and Christmas present shopping, it makes us all tired and perhaps a little grumpy! Well, this site is full of serene, un-populated seascapes where you, the viewer can escape the hustle and bustle. I go there too! It helps me to appreciate what I've got, the people in my life and the beauty of my environment.

My prices range from £50 for small paperworks, £18 for mugs, £5 Christmas decorations up to £1000 for the large wall hangings. Most of the smaller seascapes are from £125 up to £400.

Enjoy browsing the website and please contact me for further details.

Happy Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Winter Solstice and remember to take that ‘me time’ to rest and restore your life.